11 March 2008


I think its time to start thinking about solitude now. It will probably happen anytime soon and I guess it's just how the way things are supposed to be.

Will miss you...

Recommended Watch

I recommended very very very few things and the following is one of them:

Gone Baby Gone starring Case Affleck.

I was very impressed with Casey Affleck's portrayal of his character and Ben Affleck's directing. Do watch it if you get a chance.

09 March 2008


Why do all relationships turn sour? Why is that things that are so rosy in the beginning die out in the later stages? Why is that the hope of things remaining good throughout just remains a hope? Why is so difficult to get out of the relationship when you know that it isn't working anymore? Why cant things change for the better?

You tried...I tried...it still does not make a difference...

You say I'm never there for you...I'm trying to make it different now...I ask for certain things so that we can be in a different place..Why do you think that I'm demanding?

I've given up on believing that true love really exists...There is no such thing as soulmate...There is no companionship...It's all a mirage

02 March 2008

Love/Sex..The American and the Indian Way

This actually struck me when I was watching ‘Wedding Crashers’…of all movies, I know…This might get a little confusing..so bear with me…

We always compare the Indian culture to the American culture and always think that the Indian culture is the best and that the American culture does not compare even close to it…We believe that sex before marriage is taboo whereas in the American way of life, it is just normal; something that is going to happen no matter what..An Indian guy most of the time wants a virgin and if she isn’t, then oh damn, all hell breaks loose…I have seen relationships break over this and just fail to understand that what the fk are they even thinking…it is ok for guys to sleep with how many ever they want to but it isn’t for a girl because she has to have her hymen intact when she is married to whoever she marries..of course there are exceptions to what I am saying..but isn’t this hypocrisy? How is it fine for a guy to be able to sleep with anyone before marriage but not really fine for a girl? This may definitely seem strange and weird coming from a guy but it’s the truth isn’t it?...and no, I am NOT gay…

So in that case, American guys are more acceptive of the fact that their gf’s and wives are not virgins and they just don’t care because they know that that’s how things are…They eventually fall in love with the person and give a damn about his/her past sexual experience because of the acceptance that it was going to happen anyways…However, in the Indian way of life why does it sometimes be so hard to accept that he or she would have had a sexual past and that is just part of being in a relationship..

Therefore, isn’t true love about accepting him/her for who she is and whatever be the case? Then in that instance, doesn’t the American culture seem to be better than the Indian culture because of the easier acceptance factor? Can’t we say that American guys are probably truer partner/companions/lovers than Indian guys because they can accept the female and her past as is because it is part of her?

Things are definitely changing now where both, Indian guys and girls are becoming more acceptive of their partner's past but one cannot deny the fact that still most of the Indian guys are not really that acceptive.


17 February 2008


I know it’s a late for this posting but nevertheless it’s pretty damn interesting and weird...

Courtesy Rediff…

“Some Bajrang Dal activists even forced few couples to apply sindoor or tie rakhis at some places.

Justifying their actions, Bajrang Dal's media in charge Vinod Bansal said, "In many cases, the guys were just indulging in immoral acts, in the name of Valentine's Day. We wanted them to at least express their sincerity and give their commitment. While many refused, some agreed to the sindoor ritual”

Are you seriously bloody kidding me??? These guys don’t want to accept westernization but when/if they are in power and if westerners come to them with loads of revenue to start a business venture or something, then tho they will be the first to kiss their feet...Damn, is it just me or these guys are really hypocrites??? Who the hell are they to dictate to someone to apply sindoor or tie a rakhi???

“Speaking on the occasion, Jai Bhagwan Goel, chief of the party's north India unit, said there are umpteen number of Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Id and Raksha Bandhan to express feelings of love, unity and brotherhood”

Yeah like on rakhi or holi or diwali, the chumma chaati was going to be fine with them…Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way American or anything but cmon this is definitely a little too extreme…Youngsters (in India that is) can probably be a lil restrictive on PDA’s (Public Display of Affection), or go to places where there would mostly be youngsters, mainly because the older generation is not use to this and hence may take offense to it but still, the rakhi n sindoor is just unnecessary…If people want to express their love publicly on v-day then so be it…if they want to go out and have a good time then so be it too…who the hell are these activists to decide who can and cannot do something?? So much for letting the country remain democratic…

Back Home...

Finally, after travelling for most of the last 4 weeks, I am back home…I did get to see San Jose (again) and then Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA…Sadly I didn’t get to explores the places that much cos of work…It does feel good to be back home...It’s damn relaxing…especially after the kind of work that I have had to do...I’ve just been playing catch up the last few days...Strangely, nothing much seems to have changed…The next module for my MBA has started and it sure is one hell of a killer…Not so much of being difficult or anything but it is just so time consuming...I just don’t understand how some students work and study at the same time..hat’s off to you guys…I sure as hell am doing it cos I have to but if I didn’t need to, I wouldn’t be even posting right now…I would’ve been on my 360 kicking some Halo alien ass…aaarrrggghhh!!!

02 February 2008


I’m typing out this while on my flight back from San Jose to NJ. This whole week I was there as I had to attend a conference regarding a couple of technologies I work with. Well, it was supposed to be something that I should have taken seriously but after the first day, I realized that I expected something but got something else and there I lost my interest in the whole thing. It wasn’t a total waste of money as such because some of the sessions were really helpful and I did get something out of it. I don’t know what the heck im typing…The timing difference between jersey and California first of all messed up my schedule for everything. Sleeping, eating, waking up and sleeping again..i am deadbeat at the moment but I can’t sleep on the flight right now. They are showing 'Dan in Real Life', maybe I shall watch that…